Russel Hill Cancer Foundation

Who is Russel Hill? In 1816, Lieutenant Colonel Albert Russel, a Revolutionary War veteran moved his family to Huntsville, Alabama. Russel’s family resided on a 900 acre plantation west of Huntsville and named it “Russel Hill.” Today, Russel Hill is the geographic location of the Clearview Cancer Institute and Russel Hill Cancer Foundation.

In May of 2006, a group of oncologists, local researchers and interested citizens met to discuss ways of assisting cancer patients, their families and the community. From this group meeting, the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation was formed. The Foundation is committed to improving the health of the cancer patients by supporting bold, innovative cancer research, education and patient assistance. The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the Huntsville area through the support of bold, innovative cancer research, cancer education, and patient assistance.

— Russel Hill Cancer Foundation

Special Projects & Events

  • White Linen & Wine

    On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the 7th Annual White Linen and Wine event was held at the Jackson Center. The honorees of the event were Steve Babin, Chip Moore, and Wendy Worley. The event included an upscale wine tasting, live music, as well as live and silent auctions. With over 350 guests in attendance, the event raised over $110,000 to support the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation.

  • Battle of the Buffalo

    On Saturday, April 9, 2016, the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at UAH held their annual Battle of the Buffalo event in memory of Paul “Fish” Salmon. The event took place in Big Spring Park with many local restaurants competing to stake their claim for “Best Wings” in the Tennessee Valley. With over 3,000 guests in attendance and a little over 40,000 chicken wings at the event, Alpha Tau Omega considered its eighth installment of Battle of the Buffalo a huge success. Battle of the Buffalo has  raised over $120,000 for the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation through the years.

  • Music Has a Meaning

    Music Has a Meaning is a benefit show for the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation that was held on August  22, 2015 at the Straight to Ale Brewery. It raised $2,500 during it’s third year making the grand total donation of $8,500 for the three years.

Annual Report

Download 2013 Annual Report

Our Focus

  • Bold, Innovative Research – Russel Hill’s cancer research program provides patients to the latest innovations in care care.

  • Cancer Education – Russel Hill is committed to supporting educational opportunities to area citizens and the medical community.

  • Patient Assistance – Russel Hill provides assistance to eligible cancer patients on a regular basis.