Battle of the Buffalo 2019

Battle of the Buffalo 2019

We are excited to announce that the Battle of the Buffalo event, put on by UAH ATO, raised over $18,000 for the Foundation this year! The money will go towards a Cold Therapy program at all Clearview Cancer Locations.

Over the last 9 months, Clearview Cancer Institute has been piloting a cold therapy project for a subset of patients with breast cancer on taxane-based chemotherapy. Studies have demonstrated that placement of ice on hands and feet for up to 90 minutes during a taxane infusion can reduce neuropathy and nail changes. Neuropathy and nail changes can account for up to 30% of dose reduction or discontinuation, keeping the patient from receiving the full benefit of prescribed chemotherapy.

Since implementation, we have been able to identify a significant reduction in neuropathy and nail changes in patients who agree to participate in cold therapy. This has been demonstrated by a reduction in prescriptions for neuropathy treatment medications as well as a decrease in overall dose reductions and discontinuation.

Because of positive results, Clearview Cancer Institute would like to expand this opportunity to all eligible breast cancer patients on taxane-based therapy. In order to do this, multiple treatment locations will need a new ice machine to provide sufficient ice for patients needing cold therapy. – Anne Marie Rainey

We look forward to Round 12 April 2020!