On March 30th, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day as a way of honoring the physicians that make a difference in our lives and communities. At Russel Hill, we know the important role that physicians play in the care and support of those in the fight against cancer.

Will you join us in honoring each of these doctors’ for their contribution to our community and the lives of the patients served? 

Honor your physician today.
Dr. Sammy Becdach
Dr. Diego Bedoya
Dr. Heather Brody
Dr. Robert Conry
Dr. Paul Dang
Dr. Jorge Diaz
Dr. Ehab El-Bahesh
Dr. Michael Garcia
Dr. Karl Hagler
Dr. Kanth Katragadda
Dr. Daniel Kingsley
Dr. Brian Mathews
Dr. Philip McGee
Dr. Ben Miriovsky
Dr. J.R. Nicholson
Dr. Daniel Schreeder
Dr. Marshall Schreeder
Dr. Heather Shah
Dr. Ellen Spremulli
Dr. Amy Stubbs
Dr. John Waples