Spotlight: Dr. Marshall Schreeder

Spotlight: Dr. Marshall Schreeder

Written by: Kimberly Ballard
Photo by: Steve Babin
Published in: Huntsville EVENT Magazine, March/April 2013, Volume: 7 Issue: 2

He has been fighting the good fight against cancer, in its many forms, alongside his patients for over 30 years. Based out of Huntsville”s esteemed Clearview Cancer Institute with its influential research facilities and highly successful Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials, Dr. Marshall Schreeder, along with a group of concerned citizens, has taken his research to another level by starting Huntsville”s own Russel Hill Cancer Foundation. EVENT caught up with the very busy board-certified internal medicine and oncology specialist to find out what inspires him on a daily basis.

EVENT: I’m sure you are asked all the time – are you making progress against this deadly disease known as cancer?

MS: Not only are we encouraged by the progress but also we are thrilled by the innovative services and primary research being conducted here in Huntsville and at CCI. We recently received a grant from the Hudson Alpha Institute that does towards early prevention of lung cancer.

EVENT: Local research is one of the reasons you started the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation, isn”t it?

MS: Yes. The Russel Hill Cancer Foundation is a public non-profit charter to the community, supported by CCI. Its mission is to keep investigative treatments here and available to the community. Many research hospitals help raise funds that go elsewhere. We felt the need to keep donations here because once they leave, they do not tend to come back. We are a regional research facility and we have a lot of patients who come here from elsewhere for treatment. Anyone who comes to CCI can participate in our trials and receive our treatments but the successful investigative therapies we offer at CCI should certainly work towards improving the health of the people in our own community.

To listen to more of Dr. Marshall Schreeder”s interview and view the entire article written by Kimberly Ballard of Huntsville EVENT Magazine, pick up a copy of the March/April Huntsville EVENT Magazine and turn to page 31.

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