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Thank you for your interest in Russel Hill Cancer Foundation Oncology Exhibit Fair. Oncology Fairs are held quarterly at Clearview Cancer Institutes Russel Hill Campus. Oncology Exhibit Fairs are held in person with a traditional vendor fair format. Russel Hills’ Oncology Fairs are an opportunity for pharmaceutical representatives to meet with healthcare professionals from various oncology disciplines to exhibit and educate on their products. Attendees include physicians, mid-levels, and infusion nurses.

Russel Hill Cancer Foundations’ Oncology Exhibit Fairs are high-demand and usually have a wait list. There are 30 spots available at each fair, with only two available spots per company. Registration is held twice a year and spots are quickly filled.

If you have questions or want to learn more about sign-ups please contact Anna Swann at

2024 Oncology Fairs

August 27 and October 22

October 2024 Registration

Please register here for the October 2024 Oncology Fair. The form will appear at 1 pm CST on April 23, 2024.

Registration will open at 1 pm (CST). If you successfully register for the October 2024 fair, you will receive a confirmation email from Anna Swann.